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                                                 October 7, 2003




Ms. Paula Rosenthal

DNRC Forestry

2705 Sprugin Road

Missoula, MT  59804


Re: 2004 Wildland Urban Interface Grant Application – Cathedral Mountain Ranch


Dear Ms. Rosenthal:


Enclosed for your consideration is Cathedral Mountain Ranch Association’s completed application for participation in the 2004 Western States Wildland Urban Interface Grant Program.  Also attached are a few captioned photographs illustrating certain of the areas and hazardous fuel conditions on the Cathedral Mountain Ranch (CMR) property that our homeowners association hope to mitigate under a 2004 matching fund grant project.  You may recall certain of these specific areas of concern from the site visit you kindly participated in last month.


As our Resident Wildfire Committee discussed with you at the property, in recent years dead and dying trees from drought-aggravated disease and insect infestations in particular pine species at CMR have expanded to a point where residents cannot themselves mitigate the wildfire hazard.  The wildfires in the nearby Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness and related fire fighting and defense monitoring at CMR related to those fires this past summer, have heightened the concern and commitment of our residents and lot owners to aggressively reduce the wildfire risk at CMR. 


We certainly appreciate all the information and counsel you have provided our Wildfire Committee with respect to the wildlands-urban interface, fire prevention, defense strategies, information sources, and the possibility for CMR participation in a matching grant program.  Your willingness to respond to our after hour queries, travel well out of your way to observe the conditions at CMR and arrangements to squeeze meetings with our organization into your busy schedule, commands our respect for your professionalism and is also very much appreciated.


As you review our application, please feel free to contact Mr. Clossin, Mr. Green or any other of our Board or Committee members should you require additional CMR information or clarification of any of our qualifying comments.


Respectfully yours,


The CMRA Board Members and Resident Wildfire Committee




Bill Clossin, Wildfire Committee Chairman                    Becky Chenault, Board and Wildfire Committee           

P.O. Box 535                                                              4 Riddles Cliff              

Nye, MT 59061                                                          Nye, MT 59061

(406) 328-6243                                                                                                         



Mike Goddu, CMRA Board Pres.                               Catherine Green, Board and Wildfire Committee          

3788 Orange Lane                                                       9947 S. Blackwood Circle

Boulder, CO 80304                                                     Highlands Ranch, CO  80126                                           



Ralph Green, Board and Wildfire Committee                Mark Reynolds, CMRA Board           

P.O. Box 1330                                                            1953 Patricia Lane

Columbus, MT  59019                                                 Billings, MT  59102

(406) 322-8733                                                                             


- 2004 Hazardous Fuels Reduction Program -


Concentrations of dead and diseased trees (hazardous fuels) adjacent to access routes critical for emergency

travel by residents, firefighters and equipment in event of wildfire.  In this example,  the only route serving

the Lodge and several residences.


Dead and diseased tree advance… Approximately 80% of pine stand in this area of CMR is dead or diseased

and creates substantial hazardous fuel accumulations and wild fire risk.


Example of pervasive disease effects and elevated risk from hazardous wildfire fuel accumulations at CMR



Site within higher priority Phase 1 Project area targeted for removal of hazardous fuels and concurrent

Restoration of disturbed area with more fire-resistant plants


Example of conditions within Priority 1 Project area as defined by coincident hazardous fuel concentrations

(dead trees and ladder fuel) and areas of  higher cabin density or home clusters.