Please provide Donnette Roberts the number of hours you have completed in firewise clean-up such as weed-eat, trimming, hauling, etc.. and equipment used.

Contact: Donnette Roberts for Updates and Information

Firewise Cleanup Flyer for 2017
Fire Mitigation Assessments - 2014 & 2015
See Photos of past Firewise Cleanup Days - under Photo section
2004 Wildfire Grant Committee Progress Report
FAQ… frequently asked questions regarding CMRA’s wildfire grant project
Cover Letter For Original 2004 Grant Application (filed in fall of 2003)
Original 2004 Grant Application (filed in fall of 2003)
Fuel Reduction Project Photos
Hazardous Fuel Treatment Technical Specifications
Billings Gazette Article On Wildfire Costs
Billings Gazette Article On Tree-killing beetles more deadly than wildfires
Links To Other Fuel Reduction and Wildfire Information
Cathedral Mountain Ranch would like to acknowledge the following individuals who worked on the Fuel Reduction Program
Lynn Giles Past CMRA Fuel Reduction Committee Chair Firewise Committee email
Sandi Crawford CMRA Fuel Reduction Committee  
Ralph Green Past CMRA Fuel Reduction Committee  
Mark and Sue Reynolds Past CMRA Fuel Reduction Committee  
Bill Clossin Past CMRA Fuel Reduction Committee  
Gerry Crawford CMRA Full-Time Resident and Tireless Worker  
Joe Haggerty Previous CMR Caretaker  
Travis Hansen Fireline Fire Protective Services(Our Contractor)
Also Nye Fire Chief
J. T. Smith Beartooth Conservation & Development Area, Inc.
Grant Coordinator
Byron J. Bonney Bitteroot R C & D Area, Inc.
Community Forester
CMR Resource Contact
Ms. Paula Rosenthal DNRC Forestry
Wildfire Fuel Reduction Grant Administrator for Montana
CMR Resource Contact
Many CMR Members CMR Cabin & Lot Owners
These people worked countless
hours to make this progam succeed.